5 Reasons To Fly Local

7 December 2015

Santa wants you to know his 5 reasons for flying local – he isn’t the only one making travel plans this month. Many Central Island residents are also booking flights as winter travel season arrives.

Like St. Nick, residents are making their own lists and checking them twice. But their lists are of things they need to do for their trips and choosing Nanaimo Airport as their vacation starting point allows them to cross off a few items.

Here are five ways travellers get great value from flying local:

  1. Convenience
    The airport is within an easy half-hour’s drive of all central Island communities. Flying out of Nanaimo means no hassles with ferry lineups or sailing waits, and travellers can sleep in their own bed the night before a flight.
  2.  Affordability
    Think that fare at another airport is cheaper? Think again. Travellers using another airport will shell out for gas, ferry fare and probably a night in a hotel. Travellers using Nanaimo Airport save on all of those costs.
  3. Reliability
    Passengers using Nanaimo Airport enjoy a 98 per cent weather reliability rate, thanks to state-of-the-art technology. The airport’s instrument landing system allows nearly all scheduled flights to take off and land in most weather conditions. For travellers, that means they can count on getting where they want to go.
  4. Ease of use
    At large airports, it can take a lot of walking, luggage in tow, to find the baggage check, security, and departure gate. Nanaimo Airport’s compact and well-designed layout puts all those areas within a few steps of the front door.
    And when tired travellers return, the baggage carousel makes their life easy. Its right beside the arrival gate and luggage is usually ready to be picked up within minutes of a flight’s landing.
  5. Connections
    Central Island residents are now just a flight away from sun-soaked destinations, thanks to the endless connections available through Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. You can leave Nanaimo in the morning and be on a beach for sunset.