7 Things You May Not Know About Your Airport

4 June 2015

How well do you know your Nanaimo Airport facts? Here are 7 interesting facts about the Central Island’s airport of choice:

1.We’re non-profit
Our 224 hectares (550 acres), which include the nearby Cottonwood Golf Course, are operated by the not-for-profit and independent Nanaimo Airport Commission. Its nine members are carefully selected appointees, with four representing the community at large and five chosen by local governments.

2. Hundreds of people work here
Think of us like a mall: the Nanaimo Airport Commission provides the space and a variety of local businesses employ their own staffs. Add it all up and our activities generate more than 700 direct and indirect jobs. Over the next 10 years we estimate employment will rise to 1,600.

3. We have a huge economic impact on the Central Island
Last year the region enjoyed an impressive $70-million direct and indirect economic contribution from Nanaimo Airport activities.

4. We’re one of the fastest growing airports in Canada
We’re expecting nearly 300,000 passengers to pass through our gates this year. That’s the equivalent to roughly three times the entire population of Nanaimo hopping on planes — and an increase of more than 60 per cent since 2011.

5. We’re going to expand
We are planning an $11-million expansion that will improve services to passengers and possibly lead to more connecting flights to destinations around the world. The work will expand floor space in the existing Air Terminal Building, create more room for security screening, and modernize and relocate the existing car rental agency space.

6. We’ve increased our parking
Nanaimo Airport added additional spaces last year and now offer 655 long- and short-term parking stalls.

7. You can count on our flights
Thanks to our advanced Instrument Landing System, we have a year-round weather reliability rating of more than 99 per cent, meaning flight delays due to weather are very rare. You can always view current weather conditions through the Webcam link at www.NanaimoAirport.com.