Airport shares ideas for its land with neighbours

3 August 2018

  • Nanaimo Airport is interested in being a good neighbour and in the views of the people who live around its property.

    That’s why the airport has for the last year shared information and consulted with neighbouring communities about developing its vacant land. Three public information sessions last month provided yet another opportunity for residents to be heard.

    The information sessions were held in Nanaimo, Cedar and Ladysmith. They focused on options for unlocking the potential of the airport’s unoccupied land, which will enhance the central Vancouver Island economy with new jobs and investments.

    “We were seeking input into some Draft designs,” says Mike Hooper, the airport’s CEO and president. “We received some excellent feedback, which we appreciate.”

    The development scenarios were shaped earlier this year by a major two-day planning forum involving a cross-section of airport stakeholders. Attendees included representatives from local and regional governments, First Nations, the business community, the project architect, and the Nanaimo Airport Commission Board of Directors. They brainstormed possibilities that could benefit the region while meeting the commission’s guiding principles as well as its rigorous development standards.

    Commission decisions are governed by the following principles:

    • Opportunities for interested parties to provide input shall be provided.
    • Protection of environmentally sensitive resources will be a key consideration in determining land use.
    • The objectives of the consultation process will be clearly established.
    • The process shall allow for a meaningful level of involvement.
    • All positions and input shall be considered; not all input can and will be accommodated.
    • The integrity of broad public involvement must be paramount and not be superseded by any individual or interest group.
    • Technical information used in decision making shall be made available to the public.
    • Airport operations will be paramount and all uses shall either be airport related or complimentary.
    • A timeline for the process will be clearly communicated.