Airport’s Recovery is Good News for Travelers and Economy

1 October 2022

Nanaimo Airport is already seeing a recovery as the country rebounds from the pandemic and travel restrictions. And that’s good news for travelers, business owners and investors. It’s also good for the regional economy.

Through the end of July 2022, 184,000 people went through the airport gates. That’s almost as many travelers as the airport served in 2021.

The significant improvement rewards the airport for its careful management throughout the unprecedented pandemic. Nanaimo Airport Commission’s strategic planning led to continued investments in infrastructure. The investments ensured the airport would be ready when passenger traffic rebounded.

“Agility and adaptation is in our DNA,” says airport CEO and President Dave Devana. “Every decision was based on our mission to provide safe, financially sustainable, and high-quality services and facilities. We remained focused on the important role we play in fostering trade and travel that will help our region recover.”

Devana is cautiously optimistic that the air travel industry is reaching a turning point. Nanaimo Airport’s forecast passenger volume this year is roughly two-thirds of the pre-COVID record. In 2019, 491,499 people used the Central Island’s gateway to the world.

The airport is at the heart of recovery for the vital tourism sector. More people flying to and from Nanaimo means more economic benefit to the region. Airport operations directly and indirectly sustain thousands of jobs that support families here. They also create hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact.

Nanaimo Airport last year began a multi-million-dollar, five-year capital plan. It enhances safety and reliability. The work also helps position the airport for anticipated demand of our loyal customer base.

“With our demonstrated agility and adaptability, and the continued support of the communities we serve, we will reap the benefits of our investments in the future,” Devana says.

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