Choosing the right airport for winter travel

1 December 2023

Winter travel can be challenging with the added concerns of weather delays and crowded airports. So choosing the right airport is crucial for a stress-free journey.

Here are some things to consider before booking your ticket:

  • The Crowds and Hassles

Navigating through large airports eats up time and gets your trip off on the wrong foot. By choosing Nanaimo Airport (YCD), you escape the overwhelming congestion, especially at the security screening. And you don’t need to coordinate with ferry schedules.

  • The “All-In” Costs

When flying out of larger airports, your budget may also need to factor in ferry fare, hotel, food, and gas for longer drives. Flying out of YCD eliminates these expenses. It’s a more budget-friendly travel option.

  • The Convenience Factor

Every minute spent getting to an airport is a minute you could be enjoying in your destination. Using Nanaimo Airport can cut hours from your travel day. It’s a short drive from most Island communities. Airport transportation options include convenient bus, taxi and shuttle rides. And there’s ample on-site parking just minutes from the terminal, saving you the hassle of long shuttle rides from distant lots.

  • The Reliability

Ferry cancellations are more common in winter. YCD’s high reliability rate gives you more confidence you’ll get to where you’re going, on time.

Nanaimo Airport Winter Travel Tips

Nanaimo Airport is the Island’s gateway to the world, with connections to hundreds of destinations around the globe. YCD also makes winter travel easy. Here are a few pre-flight tips to help your trip go smoothly.

  • Regularly check weather updates and your flight status to stay informed
  • Pack according to travel requirements
  • Have all your essential paperwork with you
  • Arrive a bit earlier than usual to the airport.

For full details, review the YCD passenger guide.

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