Edmonton route expands travel options at Nanaimo Airport

3 August 2021

The Nanaimo Airport and its airline partners continue to drive the Island’s economic recovery. WestJet launched a direct Nanaimo-Edmonton route this summer. And it creates even more travel and business options for residents.

Two non-stop flights per week – Fridays and Sundays – connect the cities. A De Havilland Dash8 Q400 carries up to 78 people for the two-hour trip.

“We value our partnership with WestJet,” says Dave Devana, President and CEO of Nanaimo Airport Commission . “They continue to support the Central Island during reopening of the economy and tourism. Their investment in this route shows again how Nanaimo is an important transportation hub. It also demonstrates how the Nanaimo Airport helps drive recovery for the communities we serve by attracting investment.”

“As we look to the coming months with cautious optimism, we know our restart agenda will be pivotal to Canada’s economic recovery,” says Ed Sims, WestJet President and CEO. “Stimulating air travel benefits all Canadians and supports those hardest hit; with one in every 10 Canadian jobs tied to travel and tourism, the ripple effect benefits our whole country.”

Both the airport and WestJet make safety a priority. The Edmonton route arrived as Canadian vaccination programs made significant progress. It’s also part of a measured reopening of the economy. “Our comprehensive plans help ensure passengers can travel safely. They can reconnect with family, friends and business and employment opportunities,” Devana says.

The route is a huge convenience for Islanders who work in Alberta. It also opens up leisure travel possibilities. WestJet offers global connecting flights from Edmonton International Airport. The airline also offers non-stop service from Nanaimo to Vancouver and Calgary.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for the Edmonton route from our communities,” says Devana. “We listened and have been working with WestJet to provide the service. We appreciate the confidence they’re showing in us. We also appreciate the continuing support from residents that makes us the region’s gateway to the world.”