Expanded Apron Project Enhances Airport Safety and Economic Impact

29 March 2017

Expanded Apron Project Enhances Airport Safety and Economic Impact

Thanks to the BC Air Access Program, the Nanaimo Airport will soon begin an expansion of the northern apron that will improve safety
and provide a robust and durable aircraft apron to reduce congestion airside. This $351,215
infrastructure project funded through a Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure program
will be completed in the coming months.

The BC Air Access Program (BCAAP) provides capital cost-sharing contributions to airport
infrastructure projects that will result in significant, incremental safety upgrades, economic
benefit, or the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.

“The Nanaimo Airport is a significant economic driver in our region, bringing hundreds of
thousands of people to the island year after year, which is why our government supports
infrastructure improvements which continue to expand the airport’s ability to better serve
residents and tourists alike,” said Michelle Stilwell, MLA for Parksville-Qualicum.

“The Nanaimo Airport Commission appreciates the tremendous support provided by the
Provincial Government for our infrastructure projects through programs like BCAAP as well as
the Infrastructure Canada and the Small Community Fund that was announced a couple weeks
back,” says Lucie Gosselin, Board Chair of the Nanaimo Airport. “We would not be able to
keep up with infrastructure projects without this type of support.”

Record-setting growth of 108% in the past 6 years underscores why the expansion is needed.
“We are 10 years ahead of passenger forecasts and several times a day all three aircraft
parking positions are being utilized simultaneously”, says Michael Hooper, President and CEO
of the Nanaimo Airport. “For us to continue to grow air services, we need to expand the
apron to allow four aircraft to be at the terminal.”

New projections estimate 450,000 passengers annually will use the Nanaimo Airport by 2020.
Based on those forecasts, the Nanaimo Airport will remain a major economic catalyst for the
central Island into the future and is estimated to contribute 2,000 jobs and $358 million in
economic activity annually to the region by 2021.