Vibrant garden with winding pathways, colorful blooming flowers, and people strolling through the picturesque landscape on a sunny day.

The capital of British Columbia and a hot spot for historical tourism.

Victoria is a major hub at the Southernmost point of Vancouver Island and offers a multitude of experiences for each of your senses. If you’re looking for the city experience, downtown Victoria offers everything you’d expect – beautiful architecture, shopping centers, and a variety of activities available on foot.

Something smaller scale? There’s countless locally owned eateries and small artisan shops decorating every nook and cranny. At the heart of downtown is Victoria’s Chinatown, it’s largest and busiest Chinese neighborhood on Vancouver Island and the oldest in all of Canada!

Beyond all that, you’ll find plenty to do in the surrounding area in one of Victoria’s many regional parks. Add Victoria as a destination on your island adventure!