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Facts and Stats About Nanaimo Airport

14 November 2010

Facts and Stats About Nanaimo Airport

Nanaimo Airport Facts & Stats

Runway, Taxiways and Apron Data

YCD is classed as a 3-C airport for the purpose of infrastructure development and planning.
Runway 16/34 is 6,602’ x 150’ and is equipped with high-intensity runway edge lighting and approach lights leading to the threshold of Runway 16.

Runway 16 has a 200’ displaced threshold and is certified non-precision with published RNAV and NDB approaches. As well, ILS and Localizer restricted approaches are published in the Restricted Canada Air Pilot (RCAP) and are available for use by air carriers with approval from Transport Canada.

Runway 34 is certified non-instrument and has no approach lights. It has a 1002’ displaced threshold as well as an 8 degree offset approach. Both runway approaches are equipped with Precision Approach Path Indicator lights (PAPI).

The runway has a pavement load rating of PLR 10 (PCN 47/F/B/W/T).
Taxiways Alpha, Bravo and Charlie connect the apron to runway 16/34. Taxiways Bravo and Alpha are 75’ wide. The newly constructed Taxiway Charlie is slightly narrower at 59’. The taxiways are equipped with LED edge lights and runway guard lights. The pavement load rating for the taxiways is also PLR 10 (PCN 47/F/B/W/T).
The existing apron is 554’ x 352’ and is equipped with LED edge lighting, flood lights and three ground power unit plug-in pedestals for aircraft. The apron has a pavement load rating of PLR 11 (PCN 61/F/B/1.0 MPa/T).

The following chart provides the declared distances for Runway 16/34

Runway 16 34
TORA 6602’ 6602’
TODA 7094’ 7192’
ASDA 6602’ 6602’
LDA 6405’ 5600’