Front-line workers are “unsung heroes,” says Nanaimo Airport

1 May 2020

  • Front-line workers at Nanaimo Airport and across Canada are unsung heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic, says airport CEO and President Mike Hooper.

    Hooper also thanks first responders and other emergency personnel. Their work keeps Central Islanders, and all Canadians, healthy and safe.

    “They are all doing excellent work. It benefits everyone, from providing us critical health care to ensuring we can buy food,” he says. “They’re providing the essential services we need. They’re keeping our communities running during these challenging times. On behalf of the Nanaimo Airport, I want to publicly acknowledge and thank them.”

    “Their dedication is an inspiration,” he adds. “We owe them and their families our thanks for all they do on our behalf.”

    Staff at Nanaimo Airport and our business partners ensure essential travel and shipping continues. Our team includes everyone from baggage handlers to customer service representatives. Maintenance crews and the Blue Navigator volunteers also make important contributions.

    Business partners have a variety of front-line workers on duty. They staff the security area for baggage and customer screening. They keep airline flight counters open. They run the flight services centre that monitors air traffic. Other services include fuel and cargo.

    Nanaimo Airport Commission has added precautions to reduce the COVID-19 risk. The steps help keep our workplace safe for employees, partners and contractors.

    Our janitorial staff is disinfecting common use surfaces throughout the Air Terminal Building. This includes bathrooms, the departure lounge and luggage carts. We have also installed more hand sanitizer dispensers.

    We have monitored the coronavirus outbreak since it was first reported in early January. “Safety has always been our priority throughout our operations,” says Hooper.

    “Our front-line workers are doing a tremendous job. We’re very proud of the service they’ve provided as our business copes with the impact of the pandemic.”