Nanaimo Airport Approaches Two Million Passengers, Offers Prizes to Show Appreciation

2 May 2016

Nanaimo Airport Approaches Two Million Passengers, Offers Prizes to Show Appreciation

Cementing its status as one of the country’s fastest growing airports, Nanaimo Airport expects to have its two millionth passenger, since 2006, pass through its gates sometime in the next month.

As it prepares for the milestone, the airport is launching a “You’re One in 2 Million” campaign that offers prizes for travellers and other residents of the region.

“We reached our millionth passenger just 3.5 short years ago,” says Nanaimo Airport
President and CEO Mike Hooper. “To grow by another one million travellers in such a short period of time shows that the people of Central Vancouver Island trust us to deliver convenience, affordability and safety while connecting them to the rest of the world. We’re very proud to be the Central Island’s airport of choice.”

Two million passengers is roughly equal to every person in the City of Nanaimo making 24 trips.

In 2015 the airport served as a gateway for 312,000 people — the sixth straight year in which it set a record for passenger traffic. The airport is ten years ahead of its own passenger projections.

As part of the “You’re One in 2 Million” campaign, the two millionth passenger will be designated among fliers taking a flight in or out of Nanaimo Airport in the next month. The winner will take home several prizes, including parking for a year at YCD and everyone else on the flight will receive gifts too.

And that’s just the beginning of the rewards.

An online contest will be launched May 9, offering Central Island residents a chance to win two tickets for a trip in North America, while people flying out of Nanaimo Airport will also be eligible for a separate prize of return airfare for two to Calgary. Winners will fly with Air Canada, which in addition to their Vancouver service, offers a daily Nanaimo-to-Calgary flight and will add a second flight to that route starting on June 20.

Through the month, passengers on randomly-chosen inbound and outbound flights will receive a gift starting this week. Other in-terminal activities are planned to celebrate the passenger milestone.

“Really what the ‘You’re One in 2 Million’ program is about is saying Thank You to the community for supporting the Nanaimo Airport,” Hooper says.
The campaign wraps up in early June. The airport’s rapid growth has had significant impact on the entire Central Island, says Hooper.
“A thriving airport gives residents more travel options, and airport operations injected nearly $100 million into the regional economy last year,” he says. More than 1,300 direct and indirect jobs were generated.
“A huge Thanks to Central Island residents, our air carriers and business partners for making our success here at the airport possible,” says Hooper.