Vision & Mission

our vision

As “your most centrally located gateway between Vancouver Island and the World” we provide exemplary and sustainable passenger and aviation-related services that support regional economic development.

Our Mission 

To manage the Nanaimo Airport’s assets and relationships with our exceptional team to provide safe, financially sustainable, friendly, high-quality services to our customers, business partners and the community while contributing to our region’s environmental, social and economic needs.

Our Values

Our values drive our actions and decisions.

  • Collaboration

    We believe the best solutions and opportunities are discovered by working together for the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our community. 

  • Customer Service

    We are focused on delivering exceptional service to our customers, business partners and community. 

  • Environment

    We are focused on minimizing our environmental impact and achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030.

  • Excellence

    We are committed to being the best that we can in every aspect of our airport operations and development.

  • Financial Sustainability

    We are focused on investments that generate value and contribute to the financial, social, and environmental sustainability of the airport and the community we serve.

  • Reconciliation

    We acknowledge the history of the land on which the airport operates and that it is the traditional territory of our neighbouring First Nations communities. We are committed to proactively supporting reconciliation initiatives.

  • Safety and Security

    The safety of all who use the airport and its precinct is fundamental to all our decisions.