Nanaimo Airport continues to be net climate positive

1 October 2023

Nanaimo Airport’s (YCD) progressive Climate Change Action Plan lays out a flight path to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030. The result will deliver environmental and economic benefits to our region for the next generation.

The airport already has been net climate positive since 2019 through its support of the Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Offset Project and environmental management.

Supporting carbon offset projects to remain net climate positive will continue while the airport decarbonizes operations to achieve net zero. The plan commits YCD to several initiatives, including electrifying its fleet of vehicles and equipment. Other initiatives include:

  • Obtaining Level 1 Airport Carbon Accreditation status in 2022, and being on track to achieve Level 2 in 2023
  • Updating its comprehensive Environmental Management System, which recognizes that everything the airport does is interdependent
  • Following a vegetation management program that promotes environmental sustainability while protecting the YCD flight path from encroachment that poses safety hazards

Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of Nanaimo Airport Commission’s decision-making. It enables robust economic growth for the region while preserving the natural environment that makes our Island one of the world’s most desirable locations. It also connects the airport’s business values to its social responsibilities.

The commission’s commitment began more than a decade ago. YCD’s many programs have addressed climate change, noise and environmental impacts, ecosystem preservation, aquifer and other groundwater protection, and other issues

Protecting biodiversity and preserving the airport ecosystem benefits the region today and tomorrow. It ensures a balance between maintaining a safe and efficient airport and managing land as a habitat for species that can safely coexist with aviation.

New routes to Vancouver, Kelowna

Pacific Coastal Airlines successfully launched flights to Vancouver and Kelowna last month. The new routes are the result of a strategic partnership with Nanaimo Airport.

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