Nanaimo Airport ensures vital air service continues

5 August 2020

Nanaimo Airport (YCD) has maintained passenger and cargo service while navigating the most challenging time in its history. It ensures essential services, critical supplies and commerce safely continue during the pandemic.

The airport enables freight to move, air ambulances to provide life-saving service, and essential workers to fly to jobs.

And as Canada and B.C. chart their recovery, the airport again plays a vital role for the communities it serves. Air Canada and WestJet have increased flights to Vancouver and Calgary to facilitate travel within Canada. They offered 27 flights per week in July between those destinations. That’s up substantially from the seven weekly flights at the height of the pandemic.

“We remain committed to being the Island’s gateway to the world, a critical economic driver for the region, and a strong community partner,” says Nanaimo Airport CEO and President Dave Devana.

A steady recovery in the airline sector is an important factor in the regional economy. In 2019 YCD activities generated an estimated $486 million in economic impact. The total includes more than 2,750 direct and indirect jobs that Central Island families depend upon for their livelihood.

Nanaimo Airport has maintained air service even as the pandemic hurt its main revenue source – passenger travel. Many operating expenses are locked in.

The pandemic has also affected businesses at the airport. They range from transportation to food service providers. “We’re working together with airport partners to make sure we remain open for business and ready for recovery,” says Devana. “When the travelling public is ready to fly, we will provide our exceptional customer service in a safety-first environment.”

Safety remains YCD’s priority. Its comprehensive COVID-19 policies, outlined in an airport safety video, are designed to protect all users.

“We support our communities and are grateful for, and rely on, their support during these challenging times,” Devana says.

Nanaimo Airport Commission manages and operates YCD as a not-for-profit, community-based organization. It reinvests earnings into Airport infrastructure and improvements that support the Central Island as the best place to live, work and play.