Nanaimo Airport strategy embraces its evolution

1 April 2023

Evolution has been the constant throughout Nanaimo Airport’s (YCD) history. The airport’s new five-year strategic plan embraces its evolution as a leader and capitalizes on the opportunities while managing the challenges ahead.

The plan created by Nanaimo Airport Commission will guide YCD’s decision-making for 2023 to 2027. It focuses on serving the needs of the communities that rely on YCD for vital air transportation and regional economic development. Commissioners all live and work here, ensuring local decisions are made by local people.

The plan sets out four goals:

  • Strengthen the airport’s core business and diversify its revenue base

The airport doesn’t receive tax dollars to fund its operations so revenue diversity is important. Expanding cargo capabilities and developing a commercial gateway are two strategic initiatives envisioned for the future. And as a major economic driver for the region, the airport’s success will be felt throughout Central Island communities.

  • Minimize environmental impacts and achieve Net Zero by 2030

The plan envisions the Nanaimo Airport as a regional champion and leader for climate change action. A cornerstone of the plan is to implement YCD’s progressive Climate Change Action Plan and achieve Net Zero by 2030.

  • Strengthen relationships, partnerships, and First Nations reconciliation

The airport has had a history of cooperation with the First Nations people. It’s deeply committed to further strengthening those essential relationships, especially with the Stz’uminus and Snuneymuxw First Nations. The airport will invest resources to help bring about a new era of reconciliation and collaboration. It will also create even more engagement with its other partners and stakeholders.

  • Pursue excellence in airport operations, management and customer service

Nanaimo Airport Commission is proud of the standard it has set for airport operations, management and the customer experience. It’s proud too to be the Central Island’s airport of choice and its gateway to the world. The Commission’s strong and dedicated team will drive continual improvement.