Nanaimo Airport Unveils New Logo

6 June 2022

The new logo prominently features the airport’s code letters, YCD. Every airport in the world has a code, which is most often seen on baggage tags. Passengers benefit from the universal ticketing systems that codes make possible. The code helps ensure their flight connections and baggage handling go as smoothly as possible. It also allows them to easily track flights.

The logo also emphasizes the words “Nanaimo Airport.” It mixes blue and green in a nod to the spectacular land and water views of Central Vancouver Island. And it adds a creative twist to the use of an airplane icon, showing it taking off and soaring.

“That’s our path as air travel recovers,” says Dave Devana, President and CEO of Nanaimo Airport Commission. “We’re moving forward. We’ve made considerable investments in enhancing our facilities and services and plan even more in the years ahead to continue to meet the region’s needs.”

The logo helps represents Nanaimo Airport’s role as the Island’s gateway to the world. “We’re a modern transportation hub that’s trusted to connect people and goods to our Island,” he says.

“We’ve evolved throughout our history and always kept one principle the same: Our commitment to safe, affordable and convenient service that supports the Island’s lifestyle and prosperity.”

The logo now appears on the airport’s website and social media platforms.

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Media Contact

Dave Devana, President and CEO, Nanaimo Airport
Office: 250-245-4191
Cell: 250-802-0046

About Nanaimo Airport

Nanaimo Airport (YCD) is a 15-minute drive south of downtown Nanaimo on 224 hectares (550 acres). We are a not-for-profit authority owned and operated by the Nanaimo Airport Commission.