Nanaimo Airport’s 2 Millionth Passenger

11 March 2016

Nanaimo Airport’s 2 Millionth Passenger

Celebrations are in full swing at the Nanaimo Airport, as the team welcomed the two millionth passenger through the terminal today as a part of the “You’re One in Two Million” campaign.

The airports managed growth strategy first saw the completion of a two-phase expansion plan between 2006 and 2011. Since then, passenger numbers have been on the climb, in fact they are 10 years ahead of passenger projections. By the beginning of 2016, just over 1,900,000 passengers travelled through YCD’s terminals since airport expansion started in 2006.

Jorgen Poschmann, travelling with Air Canada home to Ontario, was randomly selected this morning from passengers travelling on flight AC 8260 and WS3228. He received a set of luggage and free parking at the Nanaimo Airport for a year, which will be used by his family he has been visiting on Gabriola Island. Each passenger today travelling on Air Canada flight 8260 and 8259, as well as WestJet flight 3228 and 3109 also received a Two Millionth Passenger Gift Pack.

“We reached our millionth passenger just 3.5 short years ago,” says Nanaimo Airport President and CEO Mike Hooper. “To grow by another one million travellers in such a short period of time shows that the people of Central Vancouver Island trust us to deliver convenience, affordability and safety while connecting them to the rest of the world. We’re very proud to be the Central Island’s airport of choice.”

Two million passengers is roughly equal to every person in the City of Nanaimo making 24 trips.

In 2015 the airport served as a gateway for 312,000 people — the sixth straight year in which it set a record for passenger traffic.