Nanaimo Airport’s 5 Tips for Hassle-Free Winter Travel

1 November 2022

Planning some travel this winter? Nanaimo Airport can help take the stress out of the trip with global connections and unmatched convenience.

As the Island’s gateway to the world, the airport gets you on your way to any Air Canada and WestJet destination without the hassle of lineups. You also save money by not needing a ferry ride or overnight stay in a hotel to catch a flight from here.

Here are some tips from the airport’s Customer Care team to help your trip go smoothly:

  1. Do your homework
    Get all your paperwork for air travel together and keep it in a safe place. Check for travel advice and advisories on your destination.
  1. Prepare and pack appropriately
    Before packing a carry-on, visit the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority to know what’s allowed. Charge your phone night before. (You can also charge it at the airport.) If possible, weigh your luggage at home to be sure it’s within the limit allowed by your airline.
  1. Dress in layers for the plane
    Don’t just dress for where you’re going. Aim for comfort when in the air too. A T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt makes a good base, and you can then add a light jacket or sweater.
  1. Check in online and arrive early
    Before leaving home, use your airline’s website to print a boarding pass before you head for the airport. It’ll save you time at the terminal. Check and with your airline for up-to-the-minute flight information. The airport’s 98% reliability rating means you don’t need to worry about cancellations. Get to the airport well before your scheduled departure, and park and pay using the Honk app to save time.
  1. Check your bags right away
    Know the rules for security and screening so you’ll know what to expect. Head for security screening as soon as you can. You can then relax in the airport’s spacious departure lounge.