Nanaimo Airport’s tips for returning to travel

1 October 2021

Ready to start travelling again? Many Central Islanders are. And they’re continuing to rely on Nanaimo Airport for leisure and business travel. Vaccinations and strict COVID protocols are helping to ensure safe trips.

As we welcome back passengers, we encourage travellers to be prepared and be patient. The travel experience may be a bit different now.

Here are some key reminders to help you get ready to fly:

  • Review entry requirements for every destination on your itinerary, and for your return to Canada if you’re travelling internationally. This could include travel visas or vaccine and testing documents.
  • Ensure you have the right COVID 19 test, if one is required. Make sure you take it within the specified time window.
  • Confirm your travel details a few days before your trip. Contact your airline about your reservations and baggage specifications.
  • Check-in online and download your boarding pass to your phone.
  • Check the rules for carry-on bags. Restrictions still apply for liquids, gels and aerosols. But you can pack one bottle of liquid sanitizer containing up to 355 mL. It doesn’t need to be included in the 1L resealable bag.
  • Arrive at Nanaimo Airport earlier than you did previously, to allow time for extra security and safety screening.
  • Reduce touchpoints by using the Honk mobile app to pay for parking.
  • Remember to bring face masks. They’re mandatory within Nanaimo Airport and on your flight.
  • Use hand sanitizer. For your convenience, we’ve placed additional sanitizing stations throughout the terminal.

To further help keep you safe, we’ve increased the cleaning and disinfecting of common touch points such as luggage carts, gate counters, and bathrooms. And our new departure lounge provides lots of room for social distancing while you wait for your flight.

If you’re driving an electric vehicle to the airport, you can use any of our four conveniently located charging stations. They’re in the main and north parking lots. They’re free through the end of the year.