Flying with Cannabis

Recreational cannabis is legal in Canada.  Canadians are permitted to travel between Canadian destinations with up to 30 grams of cannabis in their possession. The rules are different for international destinations.


Cannabis use is prohibited on YCD-managed property, including all roads, buildings and parking lots.

Designated smoking zones around our Air Terminal Building permit the use of tobacco, cloves, vapes, e-cigarettes and medicinal cannabis. No other substance is permitted. You must carry a valid prescription if you need to consume medicinal cannabis in these areas.


Canadians travelling in Canada are limited to a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis in their carry-on or checked baggage.

Disposal bins at all security screening checkpoints can be used to discard cannabis prior to travelling. The RCMP collect the bin contents and dispose of them.

Airline employees have the authority to refuse service to a passenger they believe to be intoxicated.

More Cannabis Information

You can learn more about the cannabis landscape in Canada by visiting:

Flights Diverted to the U.S.

If you are legally travelling within Canada with cannabis and your flight is diverted into the United States, you may be required to disembark from the aircraft and go through Customs.

If this occurs, you must immediately contact the Canadian Embassy at 1-844-880-6519. You may be arrested and detained in the United States.

Travelling with Cannabis Internationally

Taking any amount of cannabis across the Canadian border (entering or exiting) is illegal.

Be sure to research the laws on cannabis for any country you plan to visit. The laws may be different from Canada’s legislation. Also check with your airline for guidance.