Not in my city. Not in my province. Not anywhere.

#NotInMyCity exists to increase awareness of domestic violence and acts of human trafficking in the travel sector, as well as educate both staff and the public on preventative action in order to safeguard individuals and marginalized groups.

History & Vision

The Not in My City (NIMC) campaign was launched in July, 2017, by Paul Brandt to raise awareness and take collective action to prevent and end human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Since its launch, NIMC has promoted change in the travel sector to support, facilitate and advocate for the development and mobilization of a strategic, integrated plan to bring about transformational and sustainable change at the grassroots, practice, policy and legislative levels.The iconic yellow rose created by renowned Canadian designer, Paul Hardy.

The rose is a symbol of support, and a statement that you stand in solidarity with trafficking survivors as an Ally of #NotInMyCity.

Nanaimo Airport is proud to announce a new education and awareness program has been introduced in support of NIMC. For details please see the April 2024 Media Release

YCD’s Objective

In an effort to follow #NotInMyCity’s directive, YCD commits to…

  • Working with the Not in My City campaign to create a safe space for travelers who are at risk by listening to victims
  • Adding the Not in my City online training program to our employee onboarding process
  • Utilizing human trafficking awareness and prevention materials
  • Sharing information about the Not in my City campaign and other resources on our website for anyone to reference

Customer Care Team

(250) 924-2157 ext. 1200

Get Involved

  • Create an account and take the free awareness course.
  • Interact with your community to spread awareness on the issue of human trafficking.
  • Research available literature, victim’s stories, and resources.