Volunteering at YCD

We are looking for volunteers to join our Blue Navigators Ambassadors program. Team members proactively help travellers in the Air Terminal Building with basic information.

They provide a friendly atmosphere and facilitate the movement of people through the airport.

Volunteer providing information to a passanger

Becoming a Blue Navigator

We are looking for more volunteers with customer service experience. This could be an ideal role for outgoing retirees and high school and university students interested in volunteering in their community.

Volunteers need to commit to complete the required training and serve a minimum of one shift per week.

Volunteers can select their preferred day of the week (Monday through Sunday) and preferred four-hour shift (6:30 to 10:30 a.m. or 1 to 5 p.m.).

Schedules are subject to change based on flight schedules.

  • Welcoming travellers and visitors to the Nanaimo Airport.

  • Giving directions and answering questions related to airport facilities and services.

  • Providing information on Vancouver Island features and attractions.

  • Maintaining an organized travel information centre.

  • Providing assistance to passengers where needed, including those with disabilities and mobility impairments.

Applying to Become a Blue Navigator

If you are interested in becoming a Blue Navigator, please contact Laurie Hawthornthwaite, our Customer Care and Air Terminal Manager.

Laurie Hawthornthwaite