Why Nanaimo Airport is your Best Travel Choice

19 February 2018

  • Thinking of heading to the sun to escape our long winter? Starting your trip at Nanaimo Airport can get things off to a flying start. Here’s why it makes sense to use the Central Island’s airport of choice.
    1. It’s your gateway to the world

    Thanks to hundreds of connecting flights available through Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, travelers can easily leave Nanaimo in the morning and be on a beach for sunset. Mexico, Hawaii, and Florida are just some of the sun destinations within easy reach.

    1. It saves money

    Those flight “deals” out of large airports can be pretty costly. Travelers using another airport take a hit to the wallet due to costs for gas, ferry fare and often a night in a hotel. Nanaimo Airport passengers don’t pay those additional hidden costs.

    1. It’s hassle-free

    Large, impersonal airports often mean long lineups and jockeying with thousands of other travelers, both for arrivals and departures. And when passengers return tired after a long trip, they’re still hours from home.

    At Nanaimo Airport, travelers get fast service with a personal touch. The air terminal’s compact and well-designed layout puts everything within a few steps of the front door. The Blue Navigator  Ambassadors help with any questions. Efficient security and baggage screening means less time spent in lineups and more time spent relaxing. Luggage can usually be picked up within minutes.

    1. It’s convenient

    The airport is within an easy drive of all central Island communities. Flying out of Nanaimo lets passengers avoid ferry lineups or sailing waits. They can sleep in their own beds the night before a flight.

    1. It’s dependable

    Travelers booking flights at Nanaimo Airport can count on getting where they want to go. The airport’s weather reliability rating of approximately 98 per cent means nearly all scheduled flights take off and land.

    Extreme weather, of course, can impact flights at any airport, and seaplanes too. Even ferry travel is at the mercy of Mother Nature.