YCD recognized for reducing carbon footprint

1 March 2024

Nanaimo Airport’s (YCD) well-defined carbon management practices and goals have earned it international recognition.

YCD received carbon accreditation Level 2 certification from the industry’s global organization, Airports Council International (ACI). The accomplishment is a testament to YCD’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the aviation industry.

And the airport’s comprehensive green approach will lead to more progress in reducing its carbon footprint, even as it expands to meet air travel demand.

“We continue to improve our airport operations by implementing our climate action plan on our flightpath to net zero along with other environmental initiatives,” says Dave Devana, airport President and CEO.

ACI offers the only endorsed global carbon management certification program for airports. To qualify, airports track, assess and recognize greenhouse gas reduction and then have their information verified by an independent third party.

In addition to achieving Level 2 accreditation, Nanaimo Airport has been net climate positive for five years by supporting the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative.

“We recognize that purchasing offset credits is a transitional measure in YCD’s goal of achieving net zero as an organization by 2030,” Devana says. “We are on track to receiving our level 3 ACA certification in 2025 with an end goal of Level 5 certification by 2030.”

The airport’s significant green investments are delivering results. Electrifying some of its vehicle fleet prevented the emission of 57,888 kg of greenhouse gas in 2021. It upgraded to more efficient rooftop air handling units, lighting has all been changed over to LED bulbs, and waste is recycled.

The airport’s reductions have come even though the airport has increased its footprint through construction and building acquisition.

YCD further aims to minimize environmental impact by working closely with its suppliers and business partners to achieve greenhouse gas reductions in their operations.

“Protecting our environment is one of Nanaimo Airport Commission’s key corporate values, and a pillar of our sustainability,” Devana says.